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We were looking to add all the startup buzzwords to make us seem like a cool place to work in. But the honest truth is that we are an early-stage startup that is still figuring a lot of things out. So we like working with people who can help us shape the organization and its culture.

So, the culture currently mostly revolves around hard work, consistency, and trying so hard to not procrastinate. 

That being said, we are all young people with a median age of 24. Except for Sagar. He might look 24, but we all know he’s mentally 55. 

Transferable skills we need at Mauka (Role agnostic)

Over the past year, we’d had a blast building Mauka. Here’s a short glimpse of the same:


Our values are our non-negotiables. These are things we hope anyone who joins Mauka can get behind!

Design for Integrity

Integrity at Mauka has no tradeoffs. Whenever you have to make a decision for the company, think about what is the most ethical thing to do, and do that.

India First

The problems our country faces are unique, so the solutions we come up can't be a copy paste of our firang counterparts.

Users are supreme

Mauka's purpose revolves around meeting the expectations and needs of students to provide them with a conducive environment to grow.

Honest Messaging

Whatever that needs to be said, can be said straight. No fluff. Be it that email you're sending to your senior or a marketing video for your target audience.

Fail for us

Whenever you fail, we grow. So go on, feel free to fall. We got your back!

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Course DeV

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