Why we exist?

In the age of AI, jobs are becoming human again. 

The future of work is demanding skills that only humans seem to possess and master without being trained through a bazillion datasets. We are in good company when we say this. World Economic Forum, Harvard Business Review, and we are sure you agree too. 

The workplace wants employees to have the right attitude, ability, and skills to be competent in their roles. Soft skills have a lot to do with it. 

        Source: Adam Grant on Twitter

But we were trained in an education system that made us less human and more efficient machines that thrive on monotony. Soft skills or human skills were treated as an afterthought.
Now we are left with adults struggling to exhibit the traits or skills that make us different.

        Source: HBR on Twitter

For the Indian workplace to succeed in this age, it needs to empower its employees by building a learning culture that focuses on soft skills and builds on the pillars of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. 
Building an Indian learning experience for soft skills needs to address our cultural context and values, and consider the differences between working at an Indian workplace as opposed to the West. Currently, generic soft skills training fails to do that. 

Source: India Data; World Economic Forum, Future of Jobs Report 2023

Everyone now deserves an opportunity to unlearn and relearn what it means to be human. At the Indian workplace and otherwise. Mauka exists to create that opportunity.

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