Humans speak to inform, converse, clarify, persuade, alarm, and create

December 1, 2023

Humans speak to inform, converse, clarify, persuade, alarm, and create. We depend on it to go on and about our daily lives. It is a Meta skill to possess to navigate life and relationships with ease.

Humans are creative and sensitive creatures. We have the power of creativity and imagination. Our great ideas often get lost in translation. Communicating effectively can help transform ideas into reality. Talking clear and crisp is key to effective communication, which is why speaking holds utmost importance in our personal and professional lives.

As young individuals, we come across several occasions where our speaking skills are put to a test. It can be during class presentations, group projects, interviews, competitions, debates, or even first dates. And oftentimes, we are unable to effectively articulate our words and emotions while speaking. This can result in misinterpretation, lack of clarity, and lack of self-confidence. These factors are bound to negatively impact our work and home relationships.

It is a consuming task to improve one’s speaking ability. Effective verbal communication needs constant practice. But, the effort is worth it. You will find yourself to be more confident. It becomes easy to participate in conversations, form valuable opinions and put yourself out in public. This can be extremely helpful in school and work environments, where you constantly need to prove yourself. Interviews and speeches can become less daunting too. Good command of speaking can open up just as many opportunities as a good command of traditional school subjects can.

Verbal communication deserves just as much importance as our conventional subjects of study, if not more. An individual must build solid verbal communication skills to be able to hold conversations, negotiate, form opinions, and take a stand in life.